B.Tech. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Department of Artificial Intelligence And Data Science

Smart Technology for a Better Future

The Department of Artificial Intelligence And Data Science was established in 2020. When we hear the word “Artificial Intelligence”, digital assistants, chat bots, robots, and self- driving cars is what strikes our mind. These are some real examples of artificial intelligence, powerful and interesting. Unlike other technologies, we will continue to see the advancements of AI and Data science. India is rising and shining bright when it comes to adopting new and emerging technologies. Enterprises from almost all major industry verticals are hiring AI and data science experts to help them garner actionable insights from big data. The analytics sector has witnessed a sharp increase in demand for highly-skilled professionals who understand both the business world as well as the tech world. Organizations today are on a constant lookout for such professionals who can fill this ever-growing dearth in talent.

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